A brief mention of William Seward’s 1860 visit to Michigan

William Seward (photo from old-picture.com)

William Seward visited Detroit during the presidential campaign of 1860. In September of that year he traveled through Michigan. Lansing, Kalamazoo, and Detroit were among the stops of the trip. Thousands of people presented themselves along the route giving support. There were banners and bunting with phrases on them like: “We Link-on to Lincoln” and “From Slavery and its Consequences Good Lord Deliver.”

Once in Detroit, Seward and his party were guests at the residence of Zachariah Chandler. Speaking during an evening from Chandler’s balcony, Seward addressed 3,500 Wide-Awakes that had formed a torchlight procession. Among other things, Seward proclaimed that if he had been called upon to nominate a candidate at the Wigwam-it would have been Lincoln. He was still smarting from the loss at Chicago. Afterward, “with fear and trembling, Republicans everywhere awaited November 6.” The rest is history. Seward had done a great job-Lincoln was elected president.

Source: Zachariah Chandler: Radical Revisited by Mary Karl George, 1965 (from her Thesis/Dissertation)

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