A Quick Visit to Mt. Avon Cemetery in Rochester, Michigan

Mount Avon Cemetery Historical Marker

Mount Avon Cemetery in Rochester, Michigan is of particular interest because there are many Civil War dead there. Like all who lie in rest, they have their stories-they’re not just names on graves. Some of the men there who wore the blue and served Abraham Lincoln were:

Frank Russell- He ran away from home at age 14 to fight in the Civil War-only to be captured by Confederates and sent back home!  

John Snook- Member of the 22nd Michigan Infantry.

William Everett- Also in the 22nd Michigan Infantry along with Arthur Collins. They both were wounded at Chickamauga and imprisioned at Andersonville.

Then there is also a Civil War Soldier statue in the cemetery dedicated to all of the men who served in the Union Army and Navy from Oakland County, Michigan:

B. Nash


I also discovered that I was not alone in Avon Cemetery. At first, I thought I was looking at lawn ornaments-until one of the ears twitched!:

Surprising guests at Avon Cemetery, Rochester, Michigan

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  1. In its second edition, many new photographs and artifacts. A must read for thoese interetsed in the Michigan Twenty Second Infantry and the Men Who Served.

  2. B. Nash says:

    Nice! Thanks you for visiting my Lincoln blog and giving your website for the book.

  3. Interested in the two Civil War veterans in question, read my 940 page 8″ x 11″ The History of the Michigan Twenty-Second Infantry and the Men Who Served.
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    Author: Douglas M. Casamer

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