A really nice Lincoln Christmas gift!

Abraham Lincoln pencil sketch by Nathan Nash

Abraham Lincoln pencil sketch by Nathan Nash

My son Nathan had been working on the Lincoln drawing “off & on” for months. He started with drawing Lincoln’s head. He showed the incomplete drawing to me then-and I was simply amazed. He has spent countless hours working on it since. At one point, he asked for a suggestion, as far as, what to include in the background of the drawing. He showed me the sitting Lincoln, but there was nothing behind him. I suggested he┬áreview actual photographs of Lincoln and find one with a curtain in the background-which he did. So, the drawing is finished! Nathan did a wonderful job. It is obviously a labor of love. I asked Nathan what he might draw next. He said: “I’m thinking about drawing a skull.” Whoa, he must really be tired of drawing Lincoln!


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