A Short YouTube Video on Zachariah Chandler and an ancedote

LH Senator Chandler


Clicking on the link above will open a video regarding Zachariah Chandler. Actually the clip shows a reenactor portraying Chandler.  Give it a viewing.


Zachariah Chandler


Zachariah Chandler wasn’t a “wishy-washy” politician. His viewpoints didn’t change based on political advantage. He was a person of principles. He firmly believed that slavery was evil and spent his time, energy, money, and talent in having it abolished.  Our nation so needs “Zachariah Chandlers” today. We are lost in a sea of political correctness-and there is little conviction.


The book in two volumes by  Albert J. Beverage: Abraham Lincoln, recounts Chandler’s strong denunciation of Roger B. Taney’s decision regarding the Dred Scott case before the U. S. Supreme Court. As may be recalled, the opinion of Taney essentially concluded that an African-American slave was not entitled to “rights” because he was “property.”  Chandler and his fellow Republican Senators not only assailed Taney’s opinion, but the Supreme Court itself- for having been the arena for such a legal atrocity.  At the Republican State Convention in Springfield, Illinois on June 18, 1858,  the Senators took their stand. Beverage goes on to say about it:

“The strongest appeal to voters made by any Republican Senator was that of a man who had just entered the Senate, and who was to become the most forcible member of that body during Lincoln’s Administration, Zachariah Chandler of Michigan. It was his maiden speech. His tribute to free workingmen became one of the most effective of Republican campaign arguments; while his assault on the Supreme Court for the Dred Scott decision requires notice at this particular point in our story. ‘They dare not attempt, at this time…assert their whole meaning; but they take it piecemeal…This is not the last aggression’- and Senator Chandler recounted the phases of the ‘conspiracy,’ the end of which was to be the spread of slavery over the whole land and the revival of the African Slave trade.”

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