A visit to the Carl Sandburg Library in Livonia, Michigan

B. Nash


The Carl Sandburg Library of Livonia, Michigan opened December 10, 1961.  Mr. Sandburg did not attend the opening.  He sent the library a letter acknowledging the honor-and expressed his hope that he might at some future date make a visit.  Unfortunately, he never did.  The biography of Abraham Lincoln by Carl Sandburg was my introduction to Lincoln at the ripe age of twelve.  I’ve been enthralled with Lincoln ever since.  For that reason alone I owe a debt of gratitude to Sandburg.  I still enjoy reading from the Sandburg Lincoln volumes.  The library was very welcoming to my visit.  The librarian gave me a personal tour, including a showing the the letter sent to the library signed by Sandburg.  As I viewed the large portrait of Sandburg on the library wall, I thought that he would be pleased with the atmosphere of the place.  It was active. There were people there of all ages.  It seemed learning was taking place-and it seemed that they were having fun.  Yes, Sandburg would have enjoyed the scene.  Below are a few more pictures:

Portrait of Sandburg in the library

B. Nash with Sandburg work of art

Sandburg sculpture


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