A Visit to the Lincoln Outhouse!

B. Nash at the Lincoln outhouse

B. Nash at the Lincoln outhouse



Inside the Lincoln outhouse

Inside the Lincoln outhouse



Ah, a visit to the Lincoln outhouse in Springfield (hey-if you gotta go you gotta go!-smile). Yes, the outhouse-the privy-the bathroom (to use modern terminology). Nothing is left undone in the Lincoln world it seems. Every facet of his existence has been scrutinized, studied, and explored. So why not the outhouse? The fact that one can visit Lincoln’s outhouse says something. Consider that Elvis Presley’s bathroom at Graceland is off limits to tourists. Why? It’s so like Lincoln that his bathroom is there in the backyard for anyone to inspect (but not use please). Lincoln never lost his “common person” tag. Even though he was President he was still “one of us.” So there I was at his privy thinking: “Well, he used the bathroom like everyone too!” It reminded me that he wasn’t a living “immortal” (sounds contradictory, doesn’t it?). No, he had to obey (like all of us) when “nature called.” So excuse this lowly consideration on this blog today. I’m just trying to keep Lincoln “real” when possible.

I wonder what they used for toilet paper back then???

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2 Responses to “A Visit to the Lincoln Outhouse!”

  1. B. Nash says:

    Sounds painful! But- hey- whatever worked!

  2. Bubba says:

    They used corn cobs; red ones for wiping and white ones to see if you need another red one. This is probably where the phrase “have you got a cob up your ass” comes from.

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