A visit to the Russell A. Alger bust in Munising, Michigan

B. Nash with bust of Russell A. Alger

Alger bust in Munising, Michigan

Front view



Russell A. Alger’s final resting place is in Detroit’s Elmwood Cemetery.  How odd to find a bust of him in Northern Michigan.  Not really!  Alger was once the Governor of Michigan. He had a full career and was very involved with politics and business. He served President Abraham Lincoln as an officer in the Civil War. Actually, he started the war as a private but ended his service as a Colonel.  In 1885, Alger County, Michigan was established. The county seat is the beautiful town of Munising.

The bust is located on the grounds of the William G. Mather building.  It was was placed there in 1909. The sculptor of the piece was from Detroit.  Of particular interest to this blogger is the fact that Russell was a Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) member. He had served as the Michigan Department Commander in 1868 and as the Commander-in-Chief in 1889. By the time the Alger bust was erected, Alger had been deceased for two years.  His memory lives on…

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2 Responses to “A visit to the Russell A. Alger bust in Munising, Michigan”

  1. B. Nash says:

    Thanks Kevin. I forgot about Alger, Michigan-and the SUVCW Camp at Large. Yes, the hair is rust! :)

  2. Kevin Lindsey says:

    Ther is also an Alger, Michigan. The Dpartment of Michigan SUVCW honors him by naming the Camp at Large after him. I served as their coordinator for several years. Nice story, and I like the bust. I presume the color in the hair is rust?

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