A visit to the U.S. Grant house in Detroit.

B. Nash with U.S. Grant house in background.

B. Nash with U.S. Grant house in background.













I remember visiting Detroit’s old G.A.R. Building years ago. It was in sad condition. I wrote about the visit on this blog. I prayed and hoped that somehow someone would save the building- and my prayers and hopes came true. The building is being restored and will open soon. I feel the same way about Detroit’s U.S. Grant house. I made another visit to the site in September 2014. I hadn’t been by there in a few years. I was saddened by what I saw. From the pictures posted above, it’s evident that the wood-frame house is not looking good. As I’ve mentioned previously, several commercial stores have been built and opened on the property of the former Michigan State Fair Grounds (where the Grant house sits). Yet, apparently nothing has been done regarding the historic Grant building. Or has there? The public has received news that efforts are ongoing to preserve/restore the house. There has been talk of removing the house to a new location. I have not given up hope that this is still true and ongoing. My memory goes back to a day where I stood on Grand River Avenue in front of the G.A.R. Building. There was fallen concrete pieces on the sidewalk from areas up above from the building. I thought then that the structure doesn’t have much time left- it needs to be saved soon or there won’t be anything left to save. My thoughts about the Grant house are the same- it needs and deserves to be saved before it’s too late. At least I can take heart that it appears that the building cannot be accessed by the public (the property is fenced off).

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