A visit to the Zachariah Chandler statue in Constitution Hall at Lansing, Michigan: Part One

B. Nash at the Zachariah Chandler statue in Lansing, Michigan



Inside the Constitution Hall in Lansing stands the beautiful statue of Senator Zachariah Chandler. It was moved from Statuary Hall in Washington D.C. about a year ago- upon being replaced there by a statue of Gerald R. Ford.  The Chandler statue is magnificient-and quite heavy. The statue is so heavy that the only place in the building where it could be safely placed was on the ground floor. But, its placement on the ground floor seems perfect:


“Chandler’s generation was one of revolutionary changes. It witnessed the realignment of political parties, a civil rebellion followed by the reconstruction of society, and the economic transformation of the United States from an agrarian community to an industrialized giant. It was an era that called for discerning wisdom and forceful leadership. Of the latter, Michigan Senator Zachariah Chandler gave in abundance; of the former, he had better to bestow simply because of what he was-a radical.”                  Mary Karl George

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