Abe Lincoln?

hey*hey asked:

Did Abe Lincoln began to study law after serving in the in the legislature, when he was 40 years old.
true or False
Please help, someone

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  1. MISS-MARY says:

    It’s a pure guess. i knew this at one time. I know he did many amazing things and you can find this by researching on google to read about him and his life. That is what you should do. Good luck.

  2. igi says:

    by candlelight in his log cabin

  3. notaxpert says:

    Lincoln began his political career in 1832, at age 23, with a campaign for the Illinois General Assembly as a member of the Whig Party. The centerpiece of his platform was the undertaking of navigational improvements on the Sangamon River in the hopes of attracting steamboat traffic to the river, which would allow sparsely populated, poor areas along and near the river to grow and prosper. He served as a captain in a company of the Illinois militia drawn from New Salem during the Black Hawk War, although he never saw combat. He wrote after being elected by his peers that he had not had “any such success in life which gave him so much satisfaction.”[5]

    For a few months he operated a small store in New Salem, Illinois, selling tea, coffee, sugar, salt, blue calico, brown muslin, straw hats–and whiskey.[6] After coming across the second volume of Sir William Blackstone’s four-volume Commentaries on the Laws of England, he taught himself law and was admitted to the bar in 1837. That same year, he moved to Springfield, Illinois, and began to practice law with Stephen T. Logan. He became one of the most respected and successful lawyers in Illinois and grew steadily more prosperous.

    No he was 28 when he began practicing law.

  4. B. Nash says:


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