Abraham Lincoln: Hair Today-Gone Tomorrow!



As Charlie Brown used to exclaim: “Good grief!” That’s what I say about Lincoln’s hair. Let me explain. I’ve noticed over the years that Ebay routinely offers auctions to would-be buyers of strands of Lincoln’s hair. I’ve never given it much thought-figured they were gimmicks. Today, just for fun, I went to Ebay again to see how the auctioning of Lincoln’s hair was going. There were about a dozen or so different sellers offering Lincoln’s hair to the highest bidders. Now how did so many  people get so much of Lincoln’s hair anyway? We know there were clippings of his hair taken. Some of his hair clippings are currently in museums. If all the people who claim to have some of Lincoln’s hair actually did have his hair—-Lincoln must have been near bald as a corpse! By the way, the highest opening bid for Lincoln’s hair on Ebay was a whopping $10,000! The lowest opening bid was $10.95!  So folks please be careful as far as what you think you’re buying. You may get fleesed!


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