Abraham Lincoln makes the cover of TIME magazine



Well, almost Abraham Lincoln. Actually, it is Daniel Day-Lewis portraying President Lincoln in the upcoming movie Lincoln. The long-awaited film will open on November 16th 2012. So far, there have been pretty positive reviews from critics who have previewed it. The magazine also looks at Lincoln and this year’s presidential election. The very fact that Lincoln is even a factor in the 2012 presidential election is truly amazing.  As I’ve said previously many times on this blog-Lincoln still matters-and he is everywhere. Book after book continues to be published about him covering every conceivable facet of his life-big or small. His image continues to sell products-ranging from everything from bandages to popcorn. For Lincoln admirers, this may have both positive and negative connotations. It may not be the best thing that Lincoln is used to sell what some consider “trivial.” However, that is not a new thing. Lincoln was made a commercial entity immediately upon his death. The release of the upcoming movie Lincoln certainly is timed right. Lincoln is “hot”-and that fact should increase ticket sales. And Lincoln is not meant to be something trivial. It is a serious look at the last few months of President Lincoln’s life. Steven Spielberg’s involvement says a lot. There is “buzz” already that the movie will garner Academy Award nominations. Let’s hope so. See you at the movies.

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