Abraham Lincoln: Masterful Peacemaker

Paul Davis asked:

Malice toward none

Charity for all

Force is all-conquering

But its victories are short-lived

It is right

That makes might

Destroy your enemies

By making them friends

Sin and self-exaltation

Is a reproach to any people

Oppression is never credible

Thankfully “Honest Abe”

Never lost touch

With the common people

Continually calling upon

And confiding in

The Maker of heaven and earth

President Lincoln called

Three national days

Of fasting and prayer

To cry out for assistance

With national concerns and cares

Acknowledging the pretenses

Of American liberty

Lincoln could not sit by quietly

Endure white supremacy

Happily embrace such hypocrisy

And celebrate patriotically

But instead he lifted up his voice

For the cause of the Almighty

Procuring for all humanity

Justice and liberty

Not content

To trample on the rights of others

Lincoln fought for his black brothers

Restoring the genius

Of American independence

Liberating all subjects

From despots and tyrants

Leaning heavily upon God

With all reliance

Kneeling often

During the Civil War

That to our nation

Unity, He would restore

He who would be no slave

Should neither consent

To have a slave

Those who deny others freedom

Deserve it not themselves

Character is like a tree

And reputation like its shadow

The shadow is what we think of it

The tree however is the real thing

Therefore by propaganda don’t be fed

Nor by nepotistic leaders be misled

No man is good enough

To govern another man

Without the other’s consent

Otherwise his pursuits will be ill bent

People should be their own rulers

Not judiciary bodies

Such as the Supreme Court

Giving tribunals such power

Disintegrate our human rights and values

Hour by hour

Allowing ill-motivated legislation

To be written, legislated and translated

According to fluctuating whim and circumstance

Economic gain and the national security dance

Thereby afflicting

The disenfranchised with pain

Such governmental imbalances

We the people must disdain

Don’t interfere therefore

With the Constitution

A sacred text

That must be maintained

For it alone safeguards our liberty

Reinterpreting it means insurgency

A departure from the founding fathers intent

And a tear in the nation by reason of rend

Not only will offend

But rapidly send

Our nation into utter confusion

Moral erosion and destitution

For this reason President Lincoln

Was repeatedly driven

To his knees

Having nowhere else to go

While dealing with

A divided nation

Opposing opinions and advice

Rampant injustice and vice

Humbly beseeching

The favor of the Earth’s Governor

Realizing that

He who made the world

Still governs it

Though weary in well doing

Lincoln did not quit

Earnestly desiring Providence

In regard to the matter

Disregarding godless chatter

Deeply desiring

That all his works and acts

Be done according to His will

Lincoln gave freedom to the slave

Whereby he assured

Freedom to the free

For both to be all they can be

That all might dwell together

In liberty and dignity

Making an Emancipation Proclamation

Lincoln fatherly united the nation

Calling all to repentance

Of sin and transgression

Imploring the mercy of the Lord above

That He might shower on us

His mercy, pardon, and love

To reconcile and rise above

The calamity of injustice and war

For being rotten to the core

That we being the recipients

Of the choicest bounties of heaven

Would be kept from all Pharisaical leaven

Partisan politics


But that we might seek

To be on the Lord’s side

And there always reside

That our nation

Might be united under God

A government of the people

By the people

For the people

Preserved in peace and prosperity

Established in grace and truth generationally

To forever secure our heritage and legacy

Lincoln considered the holy Bible

To be God’s greatest gift to man

Which if we’d obediently follow His plan

Will bring countless and innumerable blessings

To our beloved homeland

As we discern right from wrong

Make a solemn sacrifice

To under gird future generations

By cleaving to that which is right

Remembering mercy bears richer fruits

Than strict heartless justice

Because none of us are guiltless

Purity does breed immortality

As we consider all things personally

Before projecting them on others presumptuously

Such were the errors

Of the masters of slavery

Who forgot the Lord

From whom all blessings flow

Instead they preferred to bring men low

Shackle them in ******* and servitude

Yet their plot

Lincoln did not evade you

For God had anointed you

To see and say

To eliminate slavery

Day by day

To once again in our nation


A moral foundation

By which we forever say

‘In God We Trust”

For in our darkest hours

Confidence in King Jesus

Is a must

Hence inscribed on all currency and coin

Are these prophetic words

To strengthen us within

Unify us in purpose

Beyond political discourse

Overcome the worse divorce

Delicately drawn near

To pray together and hear

Though today many are forlorn

Beaten down by sorrow

Self-seeking leaders

A national tragedy

In such times

To us Lincoln you remain

A voice for humanity

That we forever might live

In truth and liberty

Stand against every national enemy

In loving unity

One God fearing country.

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  1. Geoffrey says:

    Liked what was said but it was all wayyyyy to long!

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