Abraham Lincoln (Part 1)

Twodeez asked:

Abraham Lincoln was an ambitious intellectual with a common touch, who’s commitment to human freedom would define his nations vision for the 20th century.

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11 Responses to “Abraham Lincoln (Part 1)”

  1. CanteenKid says:

    No dumb **** – the 13th Amendment which stopped you fucks from raping little kids.

    The 13th Amendment that stopped you fucks from whipping women, **** fucking boys, and burning men to death who rebelled against slavery.

    The 13th Amendment that kicked your Southern God’s balls down his throat, and w hich you dumb fucks have been choking on for 150 years.

    That 13th Amendment, dumb ****.

    The **** you have for Lincoln is the taste of your Southern God’s balls in your throat

  2. randyguitarman13 says:

    whoa, so you soo tricky with your different accounts…

    The 13th amendment of 1865, Lincoln and Seward asked the CSA to vote down, after they called it a “war measure”.

    Lincoln just wanted to preserve the union “as of old”, as he used to say. Lincoln said he “struggled” not to touch slavery, and wanted to put slavery in the constitution.

  3. BullshipDetector says:

    Randy wrong dumb **** – as usual. LIncoln said keeping slavery in the South would kill Slavery – and it did.

    The Southern leaders themselves agreed with Lincoln — keeping it in the South would kill slavery. They had too many slaves — they said so themselves. They were choking to death on their slave ****. Slaves were so numerous it was dangerous and unprofitable.

    As Toombs said, we must “Expand slavery or perish”. Other Southern leaders said the same thing.

  4. randyguitarman13 says:

    oooh, look at me, I am soo tricky with all of my different accounts…

    You are becoming redundant. You literally are on 100% attack, 0% substance.

    You remind me of FairTax idiots, who–no matter how stupid they are–believe they are right NO MATTER what facts you feed to them.

    Lincoln thought slavery would exist at least 100 more years, and he was willing to put it in the constitution and uphold the FSA to make sure it did.


  5. CanteenKid says:

    Randy dumb **** — Lincoln knew slavery would die — like a dog with cancer — if he could keep it in the South.

    Lincoln said so. NOT only did Lincoln say so, the SOUTH said so. The SOUTH said if they could not expand slavery, they would die.

    They had too many slaves, slaves out the ***. Slaves would soon outnumber whites. Whites were not coming in — slaves were doubling every 10 years, whites every 40 years.

    Read what the SOUTHERN leaders said dumb **** – not LIncoln

  6. CanteenKid says:

    LIncoln called slavery a cancer — because it was going to kill the host.

    Lincoln also said slave owners should be kicked to death.

    Lincoln also said keeping the Union together meant killing the dog of slavery.

    Sorry dumb **** – Lincoln killed your dog, and your GOD. Because the South’s God was a dog.

  7. CanteenKid says:

    Lincoln killed the Southern God.

    You remember your God? The one Davis said “God delivered the Negro to our hands” to enslave.

    Remember your God that Lee said intended slavery to be cruel and painful to teach *******?

    Remember your God that Stonewall said would not let you lose?

    Well dumb **** — either your God was a piece of shit, or your leaders were wrong.

    WHich was it? Did Lincoln’s God beat the **** out of your God?

    Or was your God a piece of **** slavers invented ?

  8. randyguitarman13 says:

    Lincoln was fine with putting slavery in the constitution, and it lasting 100 years longer.

  9. 12FlyMe says:

    LIncoln made slavery illegal forever dumb **** — he got 13th Amendment passed, he even signed it moron.

    He also did the EP. He also made your soldiers run like ******* — over 3/4 of your soldiers deserted on your own ground.

    Your own president ran away dressed up like an old woman – leaving the citizens of Richmond like a *****.

    Once Lincoln got in office, he kicked the **** out of slavery, the slavers, and the Southern God.

  10. randyguitarman13 says:

    “LIncoln made slavery´╗┐ illegal forever”
    He NEVER did that.

    “he got 13th Amendment passed,”
    He was dead for eight months when it passed, and he told the CSA to vote it down WHEN HE WAS ALIVE!

  11. randyguitarman13 says:


    “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races,…and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races…while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”

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