Abraham Lincoln: Still hated after all these years!

My apologies to Paul Simon. Lincoln is “still hated after all these years!”  I regularly receive comments to this blog that are hate-filled. If the comments are not fit for public consumption I choose not to publish them on this blog site. Readers do not have to agree with the content on this blog to have comments posted-but they do have to be civil in how they say things-please. Anyway, like in Lincoln’s own day, he is very much dispised and hated by many in some quarters. One person I talked to recently blamed Lincoln for the social problems are nation has today because he freed the slaves. I’ve heard that one many times over the years. The saying comes to mind: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Lincoln was/is the most loved and the most hated.

Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896) put it this way:

“In times of trouble Abraham Lincoln has had his turn of being the best abused man of our nation. Like Moses leading his Israel through the wilderness, he has seen the day when every man seemed ready to stone him, and yet, with simple, wiry, steady performance, he has held on, conscious of honest intentions and looking to God for help.”


Sojourner Truth (1797-1883) said the following upon meeting Lincoln:

“Mr. President, when you first took your seat I feared you would be torn to pieces, for I likened you unto Daniel, who was thrown into the lion’s den, and if the lions did not tear you into pieces, I knew that it would be God that had served you…”


Stephen A. Douglas (1813-1861) said:

“Mr. Lincoln does not have character enough for integrity and truth.”

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3 Responses to “Abraham Lincoln: Still hated after all these years!”

  1. Chris says:

    What happened to my comment? Did you forget to post it?

    In any case, good point about the fact that neo-Confederate types can’t seem to get over the fact that the South lost, and that the Confederacy was founded with slavery as its basis, one only needs to read the secession documents from the various seceded states to figure that out. Since an admission that they fought for slavery would be unpopular, neo-Confederates try to find other justifications for the war or hating Lincoln.

    I’ll be keeping Lincoln’s truth marching on for as long as I am alive!

  2. B. Nash says:

    Chris: Exactly right! I tell people all the time, especially during my Lincoln presentations-that nothing has changed-Lincoln was hated then and he is hated now. I have a friend that tells me what difficulties he has had with the neo-Confederate types. He simetimes just tells them: “Get over it-the South lost!” Frankly, I do get tired of answering the same well-worn questions from these folks. The bottom line is that the Confederate was established with slavery as it’s basis. Can’t get around that one-but they do try. Thanks for your ongoing efforts and enthusiam for preserving the Lincoln legacy. “His truth is marching on!”

  3. Chris says:

    It’s sad that Lincoln still has to be hated by some. While I was at the artisan market in downtown Springfield last weekend selling my Lincoln T-shirts, a tourist who said he was from North Carolina stopped and made a comment to the extent that he hated Lincoln and that “he is only remembered because he was assassinated”. I usually try to ignore these people (no use arguing with people like that) but he hang around and tried to argue with me anyway. The nerve of these people is amazing sometimes.

    It made me wonder why he was in Springfield anyway, the hometown of somebody he hates. I felt like telling him to go home (and that Lincoln preserved his right to say what he did), but I didn’t since I try to be respectful to everyone (like Lincoln was).

    I think the divisiveness in this country these days is fueling some hatred against Lincoln from neo-Confederate types that was more underground in more unifying times. Sad how some people never learn.

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