Abraham Lincoln Tid-Bits, Part 5

B. Nash with the Lincolns

*Abraham Lincoln (President Lincoln’s grandfather) had a son named Thomas. President Abraham Lincoln had a son named Thomas. Both Abraham Lincolns were murdered.

*Lincoln drank water. He was not a drinker of alcohol. He referred to water as “Adam’s Ale.”

*Unlike some U.S. Presidents, Lincoln’s hair didn’t turn gray while in office. It was coarse, wirey & black.

*In the White House, Lincoln wore what we might call “flip-flop” slippers as part of his night-time wear. Sometimes he simply went barefoot. He was flat-footed.

*Lincoln’s left shoulder was actually higher than his right shoulder.

*He once referred to the U.S. Navy as “Uncle Sam’s Webbed Feet.”

*Lincoln liked to walk alone at night. Sometimes as president, he would leave the White House (even in the rain) and walk the streets of Washington.

*He attended a seance in the White House with wife Mary. She was grieving the loss of their son Willie and thought that he might communicate with them through a medium. Lincoln apparently attended out of curiousity and to please Mary.  

*Lincoln made trips to area hospitals to visit the soldiers-both Union and Confederate. Mary Lincoln also engaged in the same practice. Regarding Mary-the newspapers seemed to prefer focusing stories on her extravagant behaviors rather than her charitable ones.

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