Abraham Lincoln Tomb Vandalized!

I’m saddened to report that news out of Springfield, Illinois yesterday (11/13/11) reported that Abraham Lincoln’s tomb was struck by vandalism. A sword made of copper held by a statue of  a Union artillery officer on the tomb is missing.  No other damage to the statue was observed. The other statues were left undamaged. Although this news is shocking it comes as no surprise. Nothing is “sacred” anymore. The stripping of copper from abandoned homes has been going on for years. So why not rob a grave? As the economy gets worse, more of this kind of thing might be expected. There is no guard at the cemetery after dark. The position was cut due to funding. This reminds me also of the stealing of a full- body statue of Abraham Linciln in Detroit years ago. The statue was missing for several days until found in some bushes at a local Detroit school. The statue had been damaged. School children, along with help from local media, helped raise funds to have the statue repaired. That was a good ending. Sadly, I don’t think the stolen sword will have the same fate. I hope I’m not correct…

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3 Responses to “Abraham Lincoln Tomb Vandalized!”

  1. B. Nash says:

    Chris: That is most informative information. I wont feel so bad if the sword gets replaced with bronze. The Detroit statue was repaired. It now his housed for public view in the archive room of the main Detroit Public Library. Its safe there! Keep up your great work my friend.

  2. Chris says:

    I’m saddened by this too, some people just don’t have respect for Lincoln, and since I live here it hits close to home for me.

    The Lincoln Tomb does have a history of vandalism, though (owing mainly to its secluded location) going all the way back to the attempt to steal Lincoln’s body. The sword was actually stolen once in 1890. Interestingly enough, the 1890 replacement was made of copper (which was the one that was just stolen), and the statues are made of bronze. The paper said that they plan to have the replacement made of bronze, so in a way it will return the statues back to their original intent.

    I was unaware of the Detroit statue, but it doesn’t surprise me since there are many Lincoln statues and monuments that are not well taken care of anymore and are in bad need of repair. Eventually some do get fixed, but some don’t. Thankfully, the Tomb is a very well kept site (containing one of the oldest Lincoln statues in existence – in immaculate condition), though it is very difficult to secure due to its secluded location. Glad to hear that the Detroit statue was actually found – is it in a prominent location now?

  3. Kevin Lindsey says:

    I think that is horrible. What a shame when even the dead are victimized….even President Lincoln!

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