Abraham Lincoln used Mummy Powder???

Boris Karloff as The Mummy

Boris Karloff as The Mummy

A friend mentioned the other day that she read that Abraham Lincoln had used mummy powder-or that his doctors had used it on him-I don’t remember which it was. I thought: “What?” 
Well, I had never heard that one before.  Have you? I guessed that it must have been used by the embalmers or those attending his corpse during the long funeral trip from Washington to Springfield after his assassination April-May 1865.
I mean, who knows? After all-what is mummy powder? Isn’t it decayed matter from a corpse? Maybe it formed a compound used on his face-sort of a type of make-up. It is known that Lincoln’s face had to be retouched multiple times during his final journey.
History informs that literally millions of bodies were mummified over thousands of years-and not just humans but animals too (so there was plenty of stock material).  I discovered that mummies actually were used as a kind of “cure-all” in the late 1800’s (Lincoln’s time). The powder was thought to aid with everything from migraines to healing broken bones. Maybe Lincoln did use it for medicinal purposes!
In the end, I wasn’t able to find anywhere a reference or a source claiming that Lincoln used mummy powder. Nor was I able to find a source claiming it was used on him as a corpse.
Do any of you dear readers have any knowledge of this? If so, please embalm us-I mean enlighten us!!!
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