Abraham Lincoln’s Hat


Bill Nash's Lincoln chair and hat

It’s probably Abraham Lincoln’s most identifying feature-his hat. It looks funny in our modern age. The stove pipe hat, as it is commonly called, was very popular in Lincoln’s day-and yes-it was tall (over 8 inches).  Actually, during his lifetime he wore many top hats with heights of varying degrees. It is known that he carried important papers on the inside of his hat. That seems so Lincoln-so practical and down to earth.

Being 6 feet 4 inches tall, Mr. Lincoln wearing his hat must have made a most startling impression on some in his day-especially considering that the average height of a male in that age was 5 feet 5 inches or so. I just know he had to be mindful of entering doorways and other potential entryways while wearing his head gear lest he get it knocked off. Owning a “Lincoln” modeled top hat myself, I can tell that they are not really made for comfort. Basically, they were for “show.” Maybe that’s why Lincoln found a secondary use for his hat.

Lincoln had been shot at during his presidency before his assassination. It was night. He was riding a horse. The shot came out of the darkness and put a bullet hole clean through his hat. That one was hat ruined! He basically “blew off” the incident. I don’t seem to recall that he told Mary about it (wonder why?).  On the night of his assassination at Ford’s Theatre, Lincoln had worn his hat. After the shooting, it was found in the box. That particular hat today is housed in Washington D.C. in the Smithsonian Museum.

Ask any schoolchild to draw Abraham Lincoln and two features will be noticed-his beard and his hat. Lincoln is not very recognizable to the general public without those two items. Any pre-Civil War photograph of Lincoln just doesn’t “cut it” for them. So the iconic image of Lincoln continues. He is best known with his beard and with his hat. That hat size, by the way, was 7 and 1/8.

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12 Responses to “Abraham Lincoln’s Hat”

  1. Renee Haas says:

    I think that Abraham Lincoln is a wonderful president that helped us through history. If there was no him, there would be none of us. Well, at least we’d all be slaves. (Most of us.) We’d be controlled over the power of rueful, disgusting people that only care for themselves. So, let’s hear it for Abraham Lincoln!!! GO LINCOLN!!!

  2. Renee Haas says:

    Do you have any other webpages I can search up? I’m dying to see more facts about Abraham Lincoln!!!

  3. Renee Haas says:

    Go Lincoln!!!

  4. Renee Haas says:

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  5. Roy Pawela says:

    My grandpa at 105 years old passed in 1989. He left me an. AJ Bennett beaver tail pipe hat. Said to had been gifted to him from mrs. Lincoln’s best friend mrs. Star. Anyone know of this history facts. The hat like new. From 1850. And in original leather saddle shaped hat box also. 1850. And AJ Bennett. I found that after Lincoln’s death. AJ Bennett hats. Changed there name to Lincoln Bennett hat makers.

  6. Peter Ian Staker says:

    Screw Lincoln, he set the blacks free!!!

  7. tim mcabee says:

    Hell with Abe Linclon, sorry Booth shot him,cause he was going to deport the blacks back to their country. They think the usa owe’s them a free ride. Look at the obesity in their race.Own businesses,work & actors & still get food stamps & wellfare checks. This is WHY our country is suffering today. My family were Jewish & every other countries doesn’t give us a free ride after in slaved & killed off.

  8. rose says:

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  9. Karri K. HIckey says:

    This blog looks way cool! I can’t wait to explore this site! Thanks!

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  11. Iva Boner says:

    You’re welcome

  12. jesse says:

    good job

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