Annals of Detroit: 1862, The War Years

Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, Detroit

Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, Detroit

Dateline, 1862, Detroit:
February 17: Receipt of news of the victory at Fort Donelson; procession in the evening, illuminations, etc.
April 13: Proclamation of National Thanksgiving by President Lincoln. The Michigan Soldiers’ Relief Society organized.
July 15: Large war meeting held. Speeches given by Wm. A. Howard, Theo. Romeyn, and H.A. Morrow.
July 22: Great war rally held. Speeches given by H.A. Morrow, General Lewis Cass, Major Flanigan, and others.
July 28: War meeting took place in front of  Biddle House in which 5,000 attended with great enthusiasm.
August 9: Passes to Canada required to stop citizens from fleeing military service.
August 26: Presentation of colors to Twenty-fourth Regiment of Michigan Infantry at Campus Martius.
August 27: General O. B. Willcox returns to Detroit and receives public welcome.
September 12: Arrival of Twenty-first Regiment: a reception and supper held at depot.
November 8: Major-General Israel Bush Richardson’s remains arrived in Detroit. There was an escort to the depot by military and citizens both.
From ‘History of Detroit and Wayne County and Early Michigan.’
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