Another Detroit U.S. Grant house update

U.S. Grant house, Detroit

U.S. Grant house, Detroit

In case you missed it- Dan Austin of the Detroit Free Press wrote an article in the March 12, 2015 edition of rhe Detroit Free Press about the future of the U.S. Grant house. In the piece entitled: Ex-President Grant’s Detroit home will be moving, Austin stared that the house “Ulysses S. Grant lived in during his time in Detroit is being evicted from the State Fairgrounds and will be hauled clear across town this summer, likely near Eastern Market.”

This is encouraging news to all those who have been lamenting about this historic structure and hoping for its rescue. As has been mentioned in other posts at AbesBlogCabin, the buzz is that the house will be relocated on the campus of the Detroit Edison Public School Academy.

According to the article, the Henry Ford Museum declined the offer to have the house established in Greenfield Village. I’m sure they had good reasons. However, the idea of  it having the Grant house (built in 1837)  sure seemed like it could be a winner for tourism.

Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the house will be successfully moved and restored. Future updates will be posted here.


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