Asking Mr. Lincoln about missing eyewear

"Abe, have you seen my wife's glasses?"

“Abe, have you seen my wife’s glasses?”


Never a trip to Springfield, Illinois occurs without a stop to visit Mr. Lincoln in Union Square. What I’m referring to is the statue created by Mark Lundeen featuring a sitting Lincoln. There are other statues in the country featuring Lincoln sitting. One of the neat things about sitting Lincoln statues is that they by design invite people to sit down with Lincoln. So, I found myself chatting with “Abe.” He actually didn’t like being called “Abe,” by the way. Don’t tell him I used that name to refer to him. There was not much time for small talk, however. My wife had lost her eyewear. We had been in Union Square earlier in the day, so we went back there to see if the glasses had slipped out of her purse. Maybe they were on the bench where we sat earlier? Nope. Well, as Mr. Lincoln sort of keeps an eye on things there in that spot of the world, I questioned him. Did he know where her glasses were? And what did he have in his hat-placed upside down next to his side on the bench? Of course, I had to peek. No, the glasses were not in Lincoln’s hat. He, being “honest Abe”- had to let me know that he didn’t know where the missing spectacles were. Her glasses never were found-but we didn’t let that spoil our time in Springfield. Come to think of it, Mr. Lincoln wore glasses too. Mr. Lincoln, where are your glasses?





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  1. Dave Wiegers says:

    There are copies of this statue in many places around the country including in front of a chain of sporting goods stores called Scheels. Recently say one at the Alumni Center at the University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana, IL.

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