At the grave of General Alpheus Williams

B. Nash at the grave of General Williams in Elmwood Cemetery, Detroit


Design on top of the headstone



General Williams is buried in Detroit’s historic Elmwood Cemetery.  The cemetery is beautiful and well-kept. There are people buried there from all walks of life and from so many of America’s eras.  Many soldiers from the Civil War are laid to rest there. General Alpheus Williams was a good and honorable man. As I’ve mentioned in a previous posting he is largely unsung now. He never received the praises that Grant, Sherman, and Sheridan got. Yet, he was no less a hero. He wasn’t born in Detroit but made it his home. He had many occupations during his lifetime besides the military: lawyer, Wayne County judge, bank president, and Detroit postmaster-to name a few. In the military he saw service in the Mexican War. In the Civil War, he participated in major battles, including Antietam and Gettysburg. After the war he ran for Governor of Michigan but lost. He was later elected to Congress. He died in Washington D.C. but his body was returned home to Detroit. The bronze statue of Williams placed on Detroit’s Belle Isle is a testament to his legacy.  He has a fitting headstone also. It is large, square, and dignified. I noticed the design on top of the headstone of a sword in it’s scabbard with a belt (see photograph)-nice touch-classy.  I don’t know if General Williams has any living relatives today-he probably does. They can be proud of him and his service. He is still remembered!

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