Band Director Once Frightened President Lincoln’s Horse

Lincoln by Charles Alfred Barry

Lincoln by Charles Alfred Barry



From The Daily Globe of Ohio (November 21, 1903), came an interesting story involving Abraham Lincoln.  It tells a story concerning a local man-Edward F. Smith- who lived the final years of his life in Shelby, Ohio. During the Civil War he served in the 2nd Ohio Cavalry. He was under fire during the war in 96 engagements. However, the following article from the Ohio paper relates a peculiar incident that involved Lincoln. Here is the part of the column:

Smith once “…frightened Abraham Lincoln’s riding horse and for a time he and several companions were at a loss to know nearby the camp was what sort of punishment would be meted out to them. They were in Petersburg, Virginia, having just returned from a raid. The weather was intensely warm and the soldiers from the heat.  Nearby the camp was a ravine where there was underbrush and seeds of every description. A party of soldiers, among whom was Mr. Smith, went to the ravine where they gathered a load of weeds and brush intending to carry them to their tents. Each soldier was loaded with a pile of brush and as they emerged from the ravine Abraham Lincoln accompanied by several officers and an escort was passing. Lincoln’s horse frightened and his hat fell to the ground. One of the officers dismounted, recovered the hat and attempted to hold the horse. Lincoln left the saddle and in company with an officer started back to see who the soldiers were. As he came up to them he was dusting his hat and the soldiers attempted to apologize for having frightened his horse. Lincoln assured them that no apology was necessary that mistakes would happen and that they were not to blame for the accident any more than he was.”

A slice in the life of Abraham Lincoln not known but by a few! What a great story!

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  1. Martha Henrich says:

    Edward Francis Smith was my Great Grandfather. He enlisted at 16 in the Union as a musician. He played the bugle and in his lifetime also the coronet and piccolo. After the Civil War he went on to become a very famous bandleader in Ohio. I am very proud of his long service in the Civil War.

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