Bold Zachariah Chandler



I had a great laugh when I read what I’m about to share here. From the book -Life of Zachariah Chandler (The Post and Tribune Company, Publishers 1880), there is an account of another instance of the boldness of Mr. Chandler. Page 79 of the volume tells that Chandler had a guest in Detroit- one Mr. John Sumner. It was a Sunday. Chandler and Sumner attended a service at church. The story does not say what church it was. Anyway, as it turned out, the speaker (minister?) gave a “sermon of pro-slavery flavor.” Afterward, a “visiting clergyman” offered a prayer that “earnestly invoked the down-trodden and the oppressed.”

Now in my imagination I can just see Chandler quietly seething as he listened to a pro-slavery sermon. I’m surprized he didn’t stand up and refute what was said. But he bided his time and waited for an opportunity to speak. The moment came:

“At the conclusion of the services Mr. Chandler stepped to the pulpit, sought an introduction to the utterer of the prayer, and said: “Thank you for that prayer! It was all that I have heard this morning that was worth hearing.”

You go Mr. Chandler! You rock. You made my day. If we only had more individuals today that would be willing to stand on their principles. You are so missed.


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