Booth had his Boston Corbett and bin Laden his Navy Seals

Boston Corbett


As I thought about the death of Osama bin Laden by the U.S. Navy Seals- I wondered if there was one designated individual who was to fire the fatal round-or did they they all shoot him? Or was there no specific plan for who would kill bin Laden? I was wondering if there was a “Boston Corbett” among the Seals who could make the claim to have taken bin Laden out?

So my thoughts went once again to John Wilkes Booth and his death. I don’t think the plan was to kill Booth. His shooter-Boston Corbett-would afterward claim that it appeared to him that Booth was about to fire a weapon at his fellow troopers. Corbett then reacted to protect his comrades by shooting Booth. In the end, Corbett was considered a hero. He became a celebrity as the “man who shot Booth.” This was rightly so.

I’m thinking that in the case of the Navy Seals there probably was no specific shooter. Maybe they don’t even know who fired the fatal shot. It might be some sort of “psychological protection tactic” that they don’t know. However, they are all to be honored. Like Boston Corbett, they did a great service to and for the United States.  Salute!

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