Brief History and Information About Log Cabin

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A typical log cabin is a small house built from logs. Today, log cabins are well designed and constructed. There are log cabins that are large, comfortable, and elegant and many more. Here are facts and information about a log cabin.

Log cabin is a basic type of log house. Most log cabins can be seen both in rural areas and in cities in timber-rich regions around the world. Some United States political figures used log cabins as their symbol, to be known as” Man of the people”. There are seven United States Presidents who were born in log cabins. Amongst them are:

•Abraham Lincoln

•Andrew Jackson

•James Buchanan

Since Lincoln was identified with log cabin, the Republicans of United states were inspired and used to call themselves “Log Cabin Republicans”.

It was in the Bronze Age, somewhere in northern Europe that the first log structures were built. The Finnish and Swedish settlers in 1638 first constructed log structures in the United States. Also, knowledgeable Swiss and Germans from Eastern and Central Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries came and introduced their log construction in America. Even the Scotch-Irish with no tradition of building using logs, in a very short time had adopted the method of construction and contributed to spreading it across the marshland.

These days, log cabins are usually spacious, beautiful and stylish. There are also different types of log cabin for your pleasure and taste. One style is A Cabin that is built on high mountain. This log house could provide an unbelievable vantage point and wonderful scenery of the mountains and forest. Aside from this, it could offer a special place for relaxing, a peaceful, lovely place for the whole family. Because of its location, it is also a perfect retreat to rejuvenate your spirit. Depending on your budget and preference, you can have one or just rent a Mountain Cabin.

One great Mountain Log Cabin wherein you could have a great romantic vacation is the Cherokee Mountain Cabins. The cabins are surrounded by forest trees that could give an enjoyable and relaxing feeling. Cherokee Mountain Cabins feature superb outdoor playground also. There are exciting outdoor activities that are just few paces away from the cabin’s doorstep and these are:

•Whitewater rafting






•Scenic drive

Moreover, Cherokee Mountain Cabin has a lodge in the forest 30 feet above the White Oak Tree. This Appalachian style wood and stone structure would somehow give tribute to the Cherokee Indians who had lived on Nantahala Mountain and fished in its rivers and creeks.

The Hunting Cabins, on the other hand are for the hunters who are serious about their lodging place. They, in many situations take pride in building their hunting cabins themselves. Conestoga has a wide range of hunting cabins that are unique and with durable camp structures that could withstand even the hurricane Katrina. Each log cabin has firm interlocking corners that make the cabin stronger. Their hunting log cabin kit could be easily assembled because all the components are pre-cut and manufactured at the plant. Thus there will be a less work and a shorter assembly time on the job site. The kit also comes with detailed instruction manual and engineering drawings and only basic carpentry tools are needed for the assembly.

Finally, the log cabin kit from Conestoga is best for those with good general knowledge for construction.

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    Nice post. Many people probably don’t know about the other United States ‘Log Cabin’ Presidents- is simply the one President widely known for being born in one.

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