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The movie Dances With Wolves is a great film. The scenes are beautiful. The musical score is outstanding. The script is well-written. The acting is superb. Heck, they even got the costumes right! I love the Civil War sequences, of course. It’s easy to fall in love with the movie. Speaking of love-the love angle is heart-warming and breaking. I can even handle most of it’s political correctness.  But, I have have a huge problem with the movie-the STORYLINE.

Dances With Wolves is a movie about a traitor. John Dunbar (the role played by Kevin Costner), is an american army officer. He served with valor and distinction in the war. Asking for an assignment in the West, he is ordered to a remote fort away from the carnage he had known. What eventually takes place is that John Dunbar “transforms” into Dances With Wolves. In doing so, he betrays his country. He betrays the oath he took to “protect and defend the Constitution.” He, instead, leaves his assigned post, gives away supplies and arms (unauthorized), and takes part in killing fellow soldiers. John Dunbar is not a hero-he is a traitor.

So enjoy the movie. For all the reasons stated-enjoy the movie. Perhaps people get so caught up in the movie itself that they haven’t stopped to think about what the film is really about. Where am I wrong?

B. Nash with tatunka


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