A conversation with second-great grandfather Matthias Judd

Grave marker of Matthias Judd, Judd Cemetery, Cookeville,TN.

Grave marker of Matthias Judd, Judd Cemetery, Cookeville,TN.


Hello Grandpa Judd. It has been awhile. Things are okay with me. I must confess that I worry about our country. Things are not okay there. This nation is losing the freedoms you fought to preserve. Most folks seem rather apathetic about it. You probably would be amazed how the freedoms are taken for granted today. President Lincoln had warned once that if America loses the freedoms it enjoys it will be because of internal causes- not external. That notion applies now in reality. Grandpa Judd you are not forgotten. The boys in blue that served with you in the war are not forgotten, either. But too many people don’t even know what you Union soldiers did. History is not being taught in the schools like it used to be. When I was a kid going to the Detroit Public Schools, students were required to memorize The Gettysburg Address. Nowadays, students hardly learn about the Civil War- if at all. I have met people in their twenties who don’t even know who Abraham Lincoln was. It is discouraging Grandpa Judd. Well, I hope and pray we don’t lose it all. I still am an active member of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. And you would be pleased to know that the Detroit Grand Army of the Republic building on Temple Street in downtown Detroit has been restored. So there is hope. There are still some that love the United States of America like you and your fellow brothers in arms did. We will continue to solicit God’s blessings on our land. His patience may not always endure. Thank you for listening Grandpa Judd. Rest in peace.

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