Custer Irredeemable?

Sculpture of Custer Soldiers' & Sailors' Monument in Cleveland, Ohio

Sculpture of Custer
Soldiers’ & Sailors’ Monument in Cleveland, Ohio

A friend of mine made a comment recently about Custer to the effect that his legacy is tarnished beyond repair because of his post-Civil War activites in the service of the United States. Of course, he was referring mostly to the Battle of Little Big Horn. I talked to other friends afterward about his opinion and they all agreed, more or less, Custer is irredeemable. It seems to me that the culture, at large, also agrees with this. Custer was once viewed as a hero. Schools were named after him, for goodness sake. This is no longer true. I don’t think anyone faults Custer for his service in the Civil War- the man was brave (albeit reckless?). He had multitudes of horses shot out from under him. But, as we know from life’s lessons- one’s actions at any point in one’s life can be so negative as to wipe out any good that may have been done. What do you think of when you hear the name of Richard Nixon? That he resigned! ┬áIs Custer irredeemable? This is not for me to say. What do you think?

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