Detroit Mourned Greatly at the News of Lincoln’s Death

Union Soldier Statue, Belle Isle, Detroit,Michigan

Union Soldier Statue, Belle Isle, Detroit,Michigan

As found in the “History of Detroit and Wayne County and Early Michigan:”
“…on the morning of April 15 the city was startled with the news that President Lincoln had been assassinated. The whole city was at once in mourning; men wept like little children, and intense feeling pervaded all classes.
At this time there existed in the city an organization known as the Union League. Its general design was to bring loyal men together and unite them in their efforts for the good of the nation. At a meeting of this body, on the evening of the day the news of Lincoln’s death was received, John J. Bagley, with other leading citizens, was present. In expressing his feelings, he said:
“I closed my store and went home.  I sat down in the parlor, and the tears would come. My little daughter came to me and said, ‘Papa, what’s the matter?’ I said, ‘Mr. Lincoln is dead.’  ‘What papa? Our Lincoln?  Is our Lincoln dead? ‘Yes, I said, ‘our Lincoln is dead.’
My friends, he was our Lincoln. It’s our Lincoln thats dead! Not the Lincoln of five years ago, whom comparatively few people knew; nor the Lincoln of two years ago, whose ability some doubted; but the Lincoln of today, of yesterday, whom as a nation we loved, and whom as a nation we mourn. Our Lincoln is dead! But he liveth still, and the spirits of the Brave Boys in Blue, from a hundred battlefields give him greeting in the mystic land.”
The remarks of Mr. Bagley but voiced the universal feeling. Rage, amazement, grief, were all combined, and stout hearts almost failed from fear and dread that possessed them. The next day an immense meeting was held at Campus Martius to express sorrow for the assassination of the President, and condemnation for those responsible for the deed.”
Found on pp 309-310.
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  1. B. Nash says:

    Thank you Phil. I enjoyed finding it. It’s like finding nuggets of gold to me. I have other information from the same book that I’m planning on sharing. I hope our Camp brothers are enjoying it as well.

  2. Phil Carlisle says:

    Great find. You are a fantastic historian!

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