Detroit’s Rouge Park Cannon is not from the Civil War!


“Is it from the Civil War?” That was the question I got from a friend who was trying to tap into my known passion for the Civil War era.  “No,” I said, “It’s from the Revolutionary period.”

And so we stared at the cannon in Rouge Park on Detroit’s west side. I was thinking about all the history that cannon must have seen. I don’t know anything about it. A few years ago I inquired about it with a contact at the Sons of the American Revolution (of which I am a member). Sadly, I never received a reply. I wish there had been a plaque placed in it’s base- but there isn’t one. Isn’t it interesting that this artifact from so long ago should be a mystery today? One thing for sure- it is not a Civil War cannon!

Some have wondered if the cannon is a reproduction- I am no expert but it seems to be real enough. Someone else stated that it came from Belle Isle. I don’t remember in my lifetime that piece ever being there. For now, it stays on duty at Rough Park. It remains a wonder- and maybe that is an added attraction to the thing. Maybe we don’t need to know it’s history…

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  1. The name of the park is Rouge not Rough!! Please correct.

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