Did Mary Lincoln visit the Lake Superior region?

Mary Todd Lincoln

Mary Todd Lincoln


According to author Cyndy Irvine, she did!  And the visit also included Tad Lincoln. In the Summer 2012 edition of the Wisconsin Magazine of History, Ms. Irvine has a published article entitled: Mary Lincoln and Her Visit to Wisconsin’s Wild Region.  The article informs that the two Lincolns took an “excursion” in the summer of 1867 on board the propeller ship the Union. They spent 15 days on the vessel, which departed from Chicago-and traveled north up Lake Michigan (making stops along the way in Wisconsin).  The ship then traveled northeastward heading for Lake Superior. It would have had to have gone through the locks at Sault Saint Marie. Apparently, at that point in the journey the weather had turned foul. One report noted that it was cold and rainy (gale-like).  The passengers, including Mary and Tad Lincoln, persevered. Although, they may have gone ashore for a time until the weather became more favorable. The ship Union eventually steamed past Michigan’s Pictured Rocks. That had to be a beautiful sight-as it still is today. Finally, Irvine writes that: “The Union continued along the rugged Michigan shoreline, most likely stopping as advertised at Marquette, then Hancock, Houghton, Eagle Harbor, Copper Harbor and Eagle River on the northward-protruding Keweenaw Peninsula, and then Ontonagon, before traveling the seventy-five miles to its final destination of Bayfield, Wisconsin.” To those who love Michigan, especially the Lake Superior region, this is thrilling history! For much more detailed information concerning the journey of Mary and Tad Lincoln, please reference Cyndy Irvine’s excellent article. Thank you for the research you did on this!




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