Do you have Boston Corbett’s revolver?

Do you have Corbett's revolver?

Do you have Corbett's revolver?

Do you have Sgt. Boston Corbett’s revolver? It’s probably worth a fortune if you do. It was apparently stolen from his tent sometime after he used it to shoot John Wilkes Booth. He had received an offer of purchase from an interested party for the sum of one thousand dollars. Corbett turned down the offer. The weapon had a monetary cost at the time of about fifteen dollars. But, of course, it was no ordinary gun that Corbett had. It was the pistol used to kill the most notorious man in American history. I don’t know that Corbett could have sold it anyway. Didn’t it belong to the government? When I was in the military the soldier’s weapons were assigned. No soldier actually owned a government issued weapon. At any rate, Corbett’s 44 Colt is missing. Funny that such an important artifact should have vanished. I wonder if it had a serial number on it? Is there any documentation somewhere that shows what revolver was issued to Corbett? That’s really the problem. How would someone know if they had the coveted gun? It’s my guess that someone has it sitting in a collection somewhere. Next to the weapon that was used to shoot President Lincoln, Boston Corbett’s revolver is the most important gun in the assassination story. Do you have Boston Corbett’s weapon? I bet you wish you knew!
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2 Responses to “Do you have Boston Corbett’s revolver?”

  1. B. Nash says:

    That is indeed the question!

  2. Steven G. Miller says:

    What’s the provenance of this pistol? Where is it located currently?

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