Dr. Samuel A. Mudd: A school named after him?

Samuel Mudd (picture from findagrave.com)

Put this item of interest in your “FYI” category: there is an elementary school in Waldorf, Maryland named after the infamous Dr. Mudd. See: http://www.edline.net/GroupHome.page

Especially pay attention to the section called “School Name” on the “About Us” page.

Does anyone else find it very curious that an elementary school would honor Dr. Mudd in such a way? Is it just me? I’m sure it’s a fine school, by the way-so don’t think I’m being critical concerning anything about the school.

I personally find it offensive that a man who was a known Confederative operative with serious ties to the conspirators in the Lincoln assassination (including aiding Booth in his escape) -for which he received a sentence¬†of life in prison-would be the namesake of a school for children. Yes, Mudd was pardoned by President Johnson. The pardon wasn’t a declaration of guilt or innocence. I also know of¬† Carter’s and Reagan’s statements. And, of course, his medical help at the prison during the yellow fever break-out is well-known. Yet, does anyone else have a problem with this?

For an excellent study on Dr. Mudd’s involvement in the conspiracy please read the book ‘His Name Is Still Mudd’ by Edward J. Steers available at Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/His-Name-Still-Mudd-Alexander/dp/1577470192/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1303644580&sr=1-1

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