Emancipation Proclamation copy owned by Bobby Kennedy sells for record amount.

Robery F. Kennedy (pic from google.com images)

Robery F. Kennedy (pic from google.com images)

The Lincoln artifacts just keep on fetching incredible amounts of cash! A copy of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation from 1863 was sold at an auction in NYC December 10, 2010 for a record amount of  3.7 million. The document had been purchased by Robert (Bobby) Kennedy in 1964. He paid $9,500.00 for it at the time. Abraham Lincoln signed a total of 48 Emancipation Proclamations in an effort to raise money for medical care for Union veterans.  There are 19 copies known to exist. Fourteen of those copies are in institutional holdings.
Check your attics folks-you’ll never know what you might find!
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