Emotional Impact of the Assassination

“I was so deeply saddened by the news of the president’s death.  I was numb. I was stunned. My friends were reacting the same way. How could it happen? Why did it happen? Where was his protection? Most of all, there the the sense of loss. It was as if I had lost a friend. No, I didn’t know the president personally. But the loss was real. It has been one of those events that, when you experience it, you never forget it.”     Bill Nash


You thought the above quote was about Abraham Lincoln? WRONG!

I was reflecting on what I felt when President Kennedy was killed. When I think about my feelings about that day, I think I know what it must have been like for the people alive during Lincoln’s day. For me, that’s the real Lincoln-Kennedy connection. I will never know exactly what the emotional impact of Lincoln’s assassination was for the people of that day-except how I feel about JFK’s assassination. The tears in the teacher’s eyes as they informed us kids about the death. Watching the casket roll down Pennsylvania Avenue on TV.  Seeing JFK’s family in mourning. It was a bad time for me. And it was a bad time for America.  


I hope I never have to experience a presidential assassination again-once in a lifetime is enough.

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  1. Jacklyn says:

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!

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