General Israel B. Richardson Camp 2, Department of Michigan 2011 Installation

2011 Camp 2 Installation

The General Israel B. Richardson Camp 2, Department of Michigan, Sons of Union Veterans held it’s annual installation ceremony tonight.  Many people don’t know about the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. We are the descendants of men who honorably served in the War 0f 1861-65. We are the sons of Union men who were loyal to President Lincoln. We seek to keep the history and memory of what they achieved alive in our nation and in it’s culture.  This is an excerpt of a speech I gave explaining the nation’s need and our mission:

“We are living, my brothers, in “interesting times.” Our nation is at war. Yet, among some it is no longer “fashionable” to pay homage to one’s soldiers. In fact, we now often have protesters at the funeral services of our fallen heroes.  It’s not uncommon to witness sports celebrities, who earn millions of dollars because of the opportunities this free country affords them, to refuse a salute to the flag or to the nation’s National Anthem.  Our own elected leaders have, at times, uttered anti-American things while in foreign countries.

Major motion pictures are released that portray our fighting personnel as “evil” and our country as “imperialistic.” We are part of a culture that values entertainers above our soldiers. Some institutions of higher learning won’t allow recruiters for the military on school grounds. Yet those schools would not have existed without the military having won the freedom for them to teach.

In the Bible, the story is told of the giant Goliath in 1 Samuel chapter 17. He and his Philistine army had faced off with the nation of Israel. The Israelites trembled with fear as the giant warrior taunted and challenged them to come out and stand “toe to toe.” This continued for 40 long days. Finally, a little guy named David, who had heard Goliath dishonoring the God of Israel, got angry and offered to slay the man. As he made his case for action, he asked a question that we, as Sons of Union Veterans, need to ask ourselves continually: “Is there not a cause?”


Is there not a cause?


David thought there was. As we all know, he killed that giant. Many Bible scholars put him at about 10 feet tall.


Is there not a cause?


We as Sons of Union Veterans have a cause…

We still believe in our country, its flag, and its principles. Like our Union ancestors, we are not ashamed to be Americans but proud to be so. We still honor our country’s past leaders like Washington and Lincoln-warts and all. We feel proud of our men and women in military service. They are the real heroes today. We don’t take for granted the privileges we have as citizens. We vote and take part in our democracy.

And yes, we still get teary-eyed at a parade or when we hear a patriotic speech. We think that the United States is the greatest country this world has ever seen despite its shortcomings. And we agree with Lincoln that this nation is “the last best hope of earth.”


Is there not a cause?


Yes, there is. As we face the Goliaths of our culture and way of life-those who would like nothing more than to see the United States end as we have known it and as our founders intended it to be-we do have a cause.


You ask: “what can we do?’


Here is the answer: We keep doing what we as Sons of Union Veterans have pledged to do. We pray for our country that it remain free. Remember our motto is “Preserved by the grace of God.” Our Ritual Book says that, in part, we have pledged to support and defend the Government of the United States of America, to be faithful in all duties of citizenship, to be obedient to the law of the land, to obey the Constitution and Regulations of the Order, and to promote its objects and interests always and everywhere.

When each and every one of us, as Sons of Union Veterans, actively live and practice this commitment in our daily lives, we are answering the call to the cause. No, we can’t do everything but each of us can do something. In our jobs, at home, and in our communities, we are living and breathing examples of faithful and loyal Americans.

So as your new Camp Commander for the year 2011, I encourage you all to take these words to heart and continue the great work you having doing now for so long. In doing so, we honor our forefathers who took on the uniform of blue for a cause. Essentially, we have the same cause today. May God bless us in our ongoing efforts in the next year and as long as there is a United States of America.”

Bill Nash

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  1. B. Nash says:

    Thank you Kevin. It was a real highlight for me!

  2. Kevin Lindsey says:

    Huzzah! and congratulations to you!

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