General Israel B. Richardson, Camp # 2, SUVCW- Adopts a flag

From left to right: Beverley Blair, Matt VanAker, William Nash, & Yvonne Emlet

From left to right: Beverly Blair, Matt VanAcker, William Nash, & Yvonne Emlet


The General Israel B. Richardson Camp # 2,  Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War- officially adopted a flag housed in Lansing, Michigan with it’s Regimental Battle Flags from the Civil War. The flags were brought back to Michigan with various units returning home.  Some of them were blood-stained and battle worn.  And some of Michigan’s soldiers in blue paid with their lives in protecting those colors.  Now the flags are 150 years old or more-and are deteriorating. Time and conditions are doing their work. There are those who believe the flags are worth saving.  How can this generation, simply,  allow them to fall apart?  So an effort has been ongoing to raise funds to provide the monetary costs of preserving these precious artifacts.  Camp # 2 and two Hazel Park Michigan schools combined efforts at raising money to “adopt” a Michigan flag.  Specifically,  the funds went towards the flag of the 2nd Michigan Infantry- the outfit in which Israel B. Richardson served (and Camp # 2 is named after).  General Richardson was killed in the Civil War and buried in Pontiac, Michigan.

The battle flag donation from Camp # 2 (and Hazel Park Schools) was presented Thursday evening, August 30, 2012. On hand to receive the donation was Matt VanAcker, Director with the Save The Flags Project at Lansing.  Mr. VanAcker gave a stirring presentation regarding the flags and the ongoing work to try and save them.  He also presented to Camp # 2, a Special Tribute Proclamation from the Michigan House of Representatives. In addition, Beverly Blair, of the Hazel Park Junior High School and Yvonne Emlet, of Webster Elementary School were given Certificates of Appreciation from the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War for their outstanding work in the Saving The Flags Project. It was, indeed, thrilling to hear also that the students and many others were so involved in this great accomplishment!  We have and will continue to do our part in treasuring these flags. After all, the men who carried the flags into battle saved our country!


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