Good Family Values

Robert McReynolds asked:

Everything starts with good family values.

1) Positive Attitude:
No matter what, always be positive. Things can always be worse. Nobody loses till they give up.


You have a friend who always talks negative. Don’t ever try to force someone to change, but do remind your friend of the positive side. Eventually he or she will change on their own if they so choose, and thank you in the end, for showing them the better way.

I took a true age test one time, some years ago and found out, I was about 30 years older than my physical age, due to stress. I did not like feeling old prematurely, so I started working on a lifestyle change, A Positive Attitude!

Abraham Lincoln stayed positive:
* 1816: Lincoln had to work to support his family after they were forced out of their home
* 1818: His mother passed away.
* 1831: He experienced his first failure in business.
* 1832: He ran for state legislature and lost.
* 1832: He lost his job, and also wanted to go to law school but he could not get in.
* 1833: Failed in business for the second time and was declared bankrupt after borrowing money from a friend. The next 17 years of his life were spent paying off his debts.
* 1835: His sweetheart died and he was devastated.
* 1836: He had a nervous breakdown and stayed in bed for 6 months.
* 1838: He campaigned to be the speaker of the state legislature and was defeated.
* 1840: He campaigned to to become elector and was defeated.
* 1843: He ran for Congress and lost.
* 1846: He ran for Congress again – and actually won.
* 1848: Ran for re-election to Congress and lost.
* 1849: He was rejected from the job of land officer in his home state.
* 1854: He ran to be Senate of the United States and he lost.
* 1856: He campaigned to be the Vice-Presidential nomination at for his party but received less than 100 votes.
* 1858: He ran for Senate again, and lost again.
* 1860: He was elected president of the United States.
And he won.

With a positive attitude, you will have less stress, smile more and live happier.
The mind is a powerful thing, you CAN be what ever you want to be!

2) Honesty:
Always be honest with others and yourself. Little lies build into big lies and somebody always gets hurt.
You lose their trust and eventually their friendship. Trust is so easy to lose, but so hard to regain.

Remember the boy who called wolf too many times. One day he really did need help and nobody believed him.

P.S. you can stretch the truth a little, if it is meant to boost someone’s self-esteem, but only for good.

3) Hard Working:
Whether it be at work, school, play or even on a relationship. Always work hard at everything you do, it does pay off in the end.

Whether it be a pat on the back, a way to go, getting the love of your life or getting that big raise at work. It always pays off!

So always give 100% at whatever you do and always earn your keep. Never take something, somebody else worked hard for.

You will be rewarded for your efforts, have less stress in life and love that great feeling called PRIDE.

4) Turn The Other Cheek:
Always be glad, not mad. It takes less effort (muscles) to smile then frown, this is a proven fact.

Somebody bullies you. Don’t get mad, that’s what they want. They obviously have some problems, instead, just smile and ask if you can help them, that’s what they need. This may not work at first, but stay positive and sooner or later they will come around or look for somebody else to bully, due to failure to turn you negative.

Always think before you act or speak. Sometimes, people get the wrong signal or meaning. If all else fails, walk away and try again tomorrow. If it’s important, never give up (Abraham Lincoln Above)

We are all born equal, you are loved by many when you are born. What happens through life, is a direct reaction of your personality, developed by your good or bad family values!!!

Live your own life, don’t let others live it for you.

Some of my favorite quotes:
“What goes around, comes around”
“Misery loves company”
“Smiles are contagious”
“Learn from your mistakes”
“Receive what you give, ten times over”

One of my favorite songs “Don’t worry, Be happy”.

One family at a time, one world reunited, we are all born equal. Read and reread good family values, learn it and live it. It is possible to live in peace and love, with no wars.

Pass this on to your friends, enemies and everyone else. Peace and joy be with you all!!!

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