Hiking the Legendary Lincoln Trail: a Road Trip Back in Time

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The Lincoln trail is journey through the back doors of time that will reveal the life history of America’s most celebrated hero, Abraham Lincoln; the man who steered America through the civil war. Driving the Lincoln trail through Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois you will find the background of the great President. Each of the three stops reveals the life and history of the legendary figure. From Abraham Lincoln Birthplace Site to Lincoln’s Home at Illinois, the odyssey will reveal the human side of the great man.

The first stop of the trail is the National Historic Site, a neo-classic Memorial Building in Hodgenville, Kentucky that preserves the symbolic birth cabin, reportedly the one where Lincoln was born. The Boyhood home unit at the Knob Creek Farm will give you a better sense of Lincoln’s formative years where he resided for five years. The reconstructed log cabin here is a true replica of the original, built on the original site in 1931, using logs from Austin Gollaher’s home (Lincoln’s schoolmate). Some furnishings in this house are period antiques, donated by the descendants of the native settlers.

As you cross the Ohio River, taking a 135-mile drive to the Lincoln City in Indiana, you will reach the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial. The Lincoln family lived there in a pioneer community from 1816 to1830 and farmed the land for fourteen years. Abraham Lincoln spent much of his childhood on this farm and practiced law at the nearby Spencer Country Courthouse. You will come across a living history farm (open from late April to October) that re-creates the early nineteenth century farm life. Here you can walk a trail to the gravesite of Lincoln’s mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln. The Visitor Center at the Boyhood Memorial features two Memorial halls showcasing a number of exhibits and a 15-minute orientation film entitled Forging Greatness – Lincoln in Indiana. Located in Lincoln State Park on Highway 162 in Lincoln City, is the Lincoln Amphitheater where you can enjoy the “Young Abe Lincoln”, musical outdoor drama while you experience the same beauty that surrounded Abraham Lincoln as he grew to manhood in Southern Indiana.

The next leg of the drive is about 250 miles, up to Springfield, Illinois where the young Lincoln began to set his mark as a great politician and people’s hero. The center of attraction here is the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, the premier repository for artifacts relating to the life of Abraham Lincoln. The collection includes, among other artifacts, an original copy of the Emancipation Proclamation, the 13th amendment outlawing slavery, the handwritten copy Gettysburg Address, and Lincoln’s presidential briefcase, all of which had been stored in a vault for more than 100 years. While in Illinois, you can also visit the Lincoln home at 426 S. 7th St., and a four-block historic area around it, as well as his old law office and the stately Lincoln’s Tomb where he was buried after his assassination in 1865. From here, a 20-mile side trip northwest on Route 97 takes you to the restored village of New Salem, where young Abe boarded the Rutledge Tavern and apparently fell in Love with Ann Rutledge, the young daughter of the Tavern’s owner. Ann died at an early age and the two never met again.

Hiking the Lincoln Trail is perhaps one of the best ways learn about the former President’s life. If you are planning a hiking trip to Lincoln trail, OneTravel.com can help you find amazing hotel deals on the web.

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    Yes, the trip as you outlined it in your post is a must for every Lincoln fan. Highly recommend the journey to all!

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