How did Abe Lincoln influence the world to end slavery? asked:

i already asked this question, but worded it weird.

i have to write a paragraph on why abe lincoln is one of the most important people in history, and the only possible way i can think of how that could apply to him, is if he affected the entire world.= through the emancipation proclamation

But, if you can think of another reason, that could be really helpful

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11 Responses to “How did Abe Lincoln influence the world to end slavery?”

  1. Joey Owens says:

    I can’t find crap on this website, add more

  2. stacy polanco says:

    abe was awesome

  3. Brittany Hardison says:

    i love you Abe(:

  4. Jessie says:

    Thank you that helped a lot on my Paragraph

  5. esmi says:

    Lincoln did alot for this country and was one of the most popular president

  6. B. Nash says:

    Lincoln did not have slaves. His wife Mary never did either. They both were very strong in the belief that slavery was evil.

  7. celia says:

    I dont know if he HAD slaves, but i know his wife did. He made her get rid of them, making them sell slaves, it was very hard for her to do things without slaves helping.

  8. Nicky Minaj #2 says:

    Thanks to abe lincoln that we are now free i bless his soul if i was born back then i would have been an abolitionist too but he went over the top became president stopped it then got shot i would have killed the man that killed abe lincoln if i was born back then what if the whites were slave i would help them out if i was a slave they wouldn’t do a damn thing to helpe me out just like both martin luhter king jr and abe lincoln i would let both blacks and whites be free now it doesn;t even matter the blacks and whites everywhere y couldn;t we have done that earlier in time duh there wasnt gonna be a abe lincoln and a martin luther king jr

  9. Mendy D says:

    he told a speetch

  10. fjer says:

    The Emancipation Proclamation actually did nothing; it applied only to territory Lincoln no longer had power over. Northern states with slaves kept them until the 13th amendment. Additionally, the US was one of the last Western countries to outlaw slavery, so what impact he did have on slavery (which, due to his strategy of making slavery the defining issue of the Civil War, he did) had little impact on the world. The CSA’s slavery was actually a major reason that Britain (which otherwise favored the South) did not recognize them).

    What did make him important was that he kept the US together, and, since the US became the most powerful nation in the world, that obviously impacted the world.

    *Note: when I say the Emancipation Proclamation did nothing, I mean it had no effect on the legality of slavery; it did have impacts in other ways.

  11. Nate says:

    Lincoln was always against slavery he hated it. He was also against it’s spread. He felt that it would eventually die out on it’s own. He was aware that it was constitutionally protected. However, in issuing the Emancipation Proclamation, he side-stepped that issue and effectively killed slavery. Because of the E.P., the 13th Amendment would come to pass-officially ending slavery in the United States.

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