How Lincoln was hated!

Lincoln hated?

Lincoln hated?

Lincoln was perhaps the most hated President of all the U.S. Presidents. It wasn’t until it became clear that the North was going to win the war that the tide of opinion started to change. His murder completely changed how people viewed him from then onward (thus began his rise to “sainthood.”)
The news publications of the day were vicious regarding him. Here is a sample of a few newspaper excerpts:
Richmond Dispatch:
“…The Ape…the Chimpanzee…an ignorant and vulgar backwoods pettifogger…has no more idea of statesmanship than as a means of making money…it would be impossible to find another such ass in the United States…”
New York Copperhead (July 11, 1863):
“We trust that long-legged Kentuckian at Washington will daily heed these pregnant suggestions. Behave yourself in the future, boss, or we shall be obliged to make an island of your head and stick it on the end of a pole.”
Illinois State Register (Aug. 4, 1864):
“Today ‘Massa Linkums’ day of fasting, humiliation, and prayer. As the Register thinks the nation has ample reason for fasting, because Lincoln has made food so high; for humiliation at the disgrace his miserable imbecile policies have brought upon us; and for prayer that God, in his goodness, will spare us a second term of such a President, the day will be observed by the employees of this establishment, and no paper may be expected tomorrow.’
LaCrosse Democrat (Aug. 29, 1864):
“The man who votes for Lincoln now is a traitor. Lincoln is a traitor and murderer. He who pretending to war for, wars against the Constitution of our country is a traitor, and Lincoln is one of those men. He who calls and allures men to certain butchery is a murderer, and Lincoln has done this…if he is elected to misgovern for another four years, we trust some bold hand will pierce his heart with dagger point for the public good.”
B. Nash note: Is it any wonder John Wilkes Booth killed Lincoln?  Is it any wonder why he thought he would be regarded as a hero?
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  1. GOP_member says:

    You have a valid point but one would expect your referenced quotes to be split along Northern and Southern lines. Clearly the Southerners would promote dislike but the Northernors would initially be shocked at the unanticipated carnage that came from using outdated battle techniques that resulted in massive slaughter and dragged out the war. General McCllelan’s refusal to engage with the enemy didn’t help nor did his preference for badmouthing Lincoln, courting political support against Lincoln and finally running against him in 1864. After Lincoln was re-elected would be a fairer point in time to measure Northern sentiment.

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