How much different it might have been…




How much different it might have been when the brave souls crossed through the Cumberland Gap to the west. If Abraham Lincoln (Thomas Lincoln’s father)┬áhad not gone along with the rest of the travelers; would there have been an Abraham Lincoln-future president of the United States? What if Lincoln had simply decided not to cross over with Daniel Boone and the others? Certainly, there was good reason not to embark on the journey. Those pioneers packed up all they had and moved to a future unknown and uncertain. It couldn’t have been an easy choice to make. I have walked part of the trail the settlers took. In 2004, it looked foreboding. It was narrow and dark. But I wasn’t leaving home. And I wasn’t facing the dangers they faced. I was just going for a walk. No one would have blamed Lincoln for staying put where he was. If he had done that, then it’s easy to figure that Thomas Lincoln would not have met his future wife- and Abraham Lincoln would not have been born. Well, at least, not the Abraham Lincoln that we all know. And if Abraham Lincoln was not born-or if he was different than the one we know- history would have been a lot different too. What would have happened regarding slavery? Would there have been a Civil War?┬áSometimes┬áchoices that are made in one’s life have lasting implications. This was one of those times. When Lincoln followed Boone into the Kentucky land, he was just doing what he thought was best for his family. He had no idea that he would be killed by Indians very soon after. Needless to say, he probably would have lived longer if he had not taken the journey. Oh, how much different it might have been…

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