Is the White House Haunted by the Ghostly Presence of Abraham Lincoln?

Mark W. Medley asked:

Strong rumors have always existed about a haunted White House, and many experts say the Presidential home is one of the most haunted buildings in Washington DC. Abraham Lincoln is the most talked about ghost in the Presidential palace, and has been seen through the centuries by many esteemed visitors who stayed in this famous home.

What have former White House secretary Martin Fitzwater Winston Churchill, Lyndon B. Johnston, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, Franklin D. Roosevelt and the current first family have in common?

They have all seen or heard the presence of the ill-fated President whilst being in the White house.

During a state visit Queen Wilhelmina awakened by the knocking on her bedroom door, opened it and saw briefly the apparition of a distraught, somber Lincoln staring at her, before he vanished.

Winston Churchill walked ***** into his bedroom after a bath smoking a cigar, and saw Abraham Lincoln standing warming himself by the fireplace in the state bedroom. Being Churchill he simply said,” “Good evening, Mr. President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage.” Later Churchill recalled, the apparition of Lincoln smiled, and simply vanished.

Rumors circulated amongst Washington insiders that Lyndon Johnson, had actually had a discussion with the Lincoln ghost, as he stood in the doorway of what used to be his office. Former President Johnson, looking for answers as his Presidency faced immense problems, asked,” You had a war, you had a Civil Rights movement, you had protesters and critics, what can I do?” And Lincoln simply answered, “Don’t go to the theater.”

More recent experiences of the presence of Lincoln have been discussed by Maureen Reagan, and the former Whitehouse secretary Martin Fitzwater. Whilst quite recently Michele Obama has openly remarked about a ghostly presence that awakens the Obama’s at night- that seems to be wandering the hallways of the White House.

Unconfirmed reports of the Lincoln ghost give an impression that often Lincoln can be seen, tall, somber and full of remorse staring out of the window in his old office. A sad and solitary figure- who remains trapped between the World of the living, and of the dead.

One of the more famous Whitehouse ghosts, Abraham Lincoln has for almost a century and a half, wandered the haunted hallways and rooms in the Presidential palace. What secrets he has witnessed are anyone’s guess, but his ghostly presence has become very much part of the White House’s folklore.

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