Lincoln Almost Didn’t Go To Ford’s Theatre

Lincoln Statue at Lincoln Memorial University

Lincoln Statue at Lincoln Memorial University

It’s been written that President Lincoln really didn’t want to attend the theatre that night-April 14, 1865. He had seen the play Our American Cousin previously. I wonder if he considered going with Tad over to Grover’s Theatre that night to see¬†Aladdin Or His Wonderful Lamp? As it turned out, Tad went to that play with an escort.¬†The Lincolns went to Ford’s, instead. Besides, Lincoln couldn’t really decline to go to Ford’s Theatre-not after three local newspapers had printed announcements of his planned attendance. There was also an added pressure-the Grants had backed out of their initial agreement to attend the event with the Lincolns. The crowd would surely be disappointed if both the Grants and the Lincolns were “no-shows.” Mary Lincoln insisted they attend. Lincoln gave in. Earlier in the day he had commented that he had never felt so happy in his life-with the war at it’s end and all. It had been a pretty good day for him. He had spend some time with Mary-just the two of them. They talked of future plans. Anyway, he enjoyed the theatre very much-so why not attend?
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