Lincoln and Ford’s Theatre Tid-bits

A newspaper announcement!

A newspaper announcement!

I read somewhere that Abraham Lincoln attended Ford’s Theatre thirteen times (unlucky 13?). Interestingly enough, on one of those visits (November 9, 1863), Lincoln saw the play ‘The Marble Heart’ which featured John Wilkes Booth. How ironic that they both were in Ford’s Theatre at that time considering what would happen in April 1865. Booth surely was aware that November day that the president was watching his performance. I wonder what went through his mind?
At another Ford’s Theatre performance (February 10, 1865), President Lincoln attended the play ‘Love or Livery.’ The play did not have Booth in it. It actually starred John Sleeper Clarke-John Wilkes Booth brother-in-law. Lincoln had two guests- Generals Grant and Burnside. Both Grant and Burnside have “parts” in the story of April 14, 1865. General Grant was supposed to have attended the play ‘Our American Cousin’ with Lincoln on that night but backed out earlier in the day. General Burnside did attend the play. In fact, some contend that Burnside caught Lincoln’s attention as he was looking down from the box onto the main floor seating area causing his head to turn to the left and downward just at the moment Booth fired his weapon and almost missed Lincoln’s head!
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