Lincoln Assassination Tid-Bits, Part 1

The Presidential Box at Ford's Theater

The Presidential Box at Ford's Theater


Items of interest found while reading “THEY HAVE KILLED PAPA DEAD!” by Anthony S. Pitch:


* John Wilkes Booth’s boots were custom ordered with a pocket inside the right leg to hold a pistol.

* Booth was observed writing something on a visitor’s card that he had drawn from his pocket and handing it to a man seated by the door outside the Presidential Box at Ford’s Theater. (Comment from B. Nash: Isn’t it amazing that the card has never been found? I mean, what did the guy given the card by Booth do with it?).  

* Mrs. Lincoln stated afterward that her husband did not quiver when shot. He simply dropped his head to his chest (slumped to the right). His eyes were closed and face calm. He had no pulse.

* Major Rathbone might have bled to death from the stab wound had the cut been a third of an inch more-severing the brachial artery and deep basilic vein of his left arm.


Lincoln assassination

Lincoln assassination

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2 Responses to “Lincoln Assassination Tid-Bits, Part 1”

  1. B. Nash says:

    Oh my goodness! LOL. Mr. Sloan, that was a goof on my part. The pic that I wanted to use was right next to the one that you saw-and I just accidently used the wrong one! Well, as you can see, I replaced it with a pic of the box (inside view) as it appears today. Thanks for pointing out the error!

  2. Richard Sloan says:

    The color photo of the box at Ford’s that is shown is not the box at all. What is it a picture of? A display at some museum? It’s not the correct picture of Geo… Washington, and there’s a litho of Lincoln being shot below it. Cant you use a real photo of the restored box with such a caption?

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