Lincoln Assassination Tid-Bits, Part 3

John Wilkes Booth

John Wilkes Booth

More items of interest while reading “THEY HAVE KILLED PAPA DEAD!” by Anthony S. Pitch:
* During the trial of the conspirators, David Herold requested to write out a confession. He was allowed to do so. For three days he wrote (under court supervision). The “confession”  was never given to the public. Its whereabouts remains unknown. Its contents are forever a mystery. The confession had no bearing on the trial.
* Some of the people who made appearances at the trial: John Hay (Lincoln’s assistant private secretary), Augustus Seward, historian George Bancroft, the three Ford brothers, Edwin Booth (brother of John Wilkes), U.S. Grant, and Thomas “Tad” Lincoln.
* It had been alleged that Lewis Payne was really Daniel Murray Lee, nephew of Robert E. Lee. A close friend of the Lee family dismissed it as a falsehood.
* Lewis Payne had reported that after his attempt to kill Secretary of State Seward-he had hid in the top of a cedar tree for three days.
* Lewis Payne had been constipated for a month during the trial. This was an especial concern by some-as it was thought that constipation (long & continued) frequently preceded insanity>
* David Herold was noted privately as commenting on Mrs. Surratt: “That old lady is an deep in as any of us.” She became the first female to be executed in U.S. history by the Federal government.
* Father Jacob Walter was convinced Mary Surratt was innocent. He said: “You cannot make me believe that a Catholic woman would go to communion on Holy Thursday and be guilty of murder on Good Friday.”
* The comedy: “Our American Cousin”- suspended since Booth’s leap unto the stage, reopended at the end of June 1865 at rival Grover’s Theater-with a new cast.
* Adele Cutts Douglas, widow of Stephen Douglas and great-niece of Dolly Madison tried to persuade President Johnson to spare Mrs. Surratt’s life-without success.
* After the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Edwin Booth never performed on stage again in Washington.
* Edwin Booth burned a trunk full of his brother’s effects (costumes, etc).
* Prior to the assassination, Edwin Booth had at one time joined Laura Keene’s company-performing in Australia.
* Edwin Booth obtained permission from the War Department in 1869 to have his brother’s body released so that it could be buried in the family plot in Baltimore. There was no individual marker placed.
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