Lincoln Bobbleheads

Lincoln Bobbleheads (from the collection of B. Nash)

Lincoln Bobbleheads (from the collection of B. Nash)


Another “Lincoln curiosity” blog posting. Actually, in the picture above there are four! I have more Lincoln Bobbleheads than the ones pictured. Why? I don’t know. It’s not that I have to have EVERYTHING that has Lincoln’s image. Even if that were my desire-my house ain’t big enough folks! Besides, my wife would kill me. As it is, half of my house on the ground floor is my “Lincoln area.” I generally drink my coffee and sit in what we call here at my residence the “Lincoln room.” The White House has a Lincoln Room and I have a Lincoln Room. It’s quiet and peaceful here. Sometimes I think Lincoln drops in and provides a calming presence. Yes, I know-I’m crazy. Hey, I’ve seen collectors of all things Elvis, Betty Boop, and sports related items (for instance)-take up whole houses. I promised my wife that the Lincoln things would stay in the designated Lincoln area. So far, I’ve stuck to that promise. My marriage is fine, thank you. There is danger on the horizon. I’m running out of room. I clear my stock once in awhile-partially-mostly books. But I’m really a saturation point-and am not willing to get rid of most of what I have. Problems, problems.  The Lincoln Bobbleheads are cute. Actually, I’m impressed with their quality and detail. When I was a kid, my grandfather had a bobblehead of a German-shepherd dog. He loved the breed and owned two of them at the time. Where did he keep his bobblehead? On the dashboard of his large station wagon, of course! So when I was riding in the station wagon with my grandfather, I always took notice of the dog bobblehead bobbling!  What wonders for a kid to observe and remember. Am I going to put a Lincoln Bobblehead on my dashboard? Well, I don’t think so…but then again… Nah! 


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